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Web Enhanced CFSC & CRFSC In Nova Scotia

 Silvercore Blended Learning - OnLine & Classroom  

 This hybrid model of instruction contains the online delivery of theoretical content combined with in-person practical training and testing with certified instructors in your area. This Web enhanced firearms safety course content is developed by in-house certified instructors and master instructors and exceeds the requirements set out by the Canada Firearms Program. Hybrid course Includes:

Online: Videos, Reading Materials, Practises Test, Instructor Suport
Classroom: Practical Firearms Handeling, Testing, Paperwork


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Are you a certified Canadian Firearms Safety Course instructor looking to expand your training and better service your students?  The hybrid learning environment created by a CFP designated master instructor, includes traditional classroom training with web enhanced instructor assisted e-learning. 
Contact Silvercore to become a part of the hybrid CFSC/CRFSC course at 604-940-7785 or  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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