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Electronic-Based Hunting Licences




How will electronic-based hunting licences work?

Starting in spring 2017, the old hunting booklet will no longer be used. When you buy a licence, the licence information will be entered into your online Fish and Wildlife profile. Only species licences will continue to be paper-based. Non-species licences won’t have a paper version.


Do I have to buy my licences online?


No. If you don’t want to buy online, you can still buy your licences at participating vendors or at Service BC. Starting in spring 2017, you can also buy hunting licences at FrontCounter BC.


How will I provide proof to a conservation officer that I have a licence?


Conservation officers will have access to your Fish and Wildlife profile, credentials, licences and LEH authorizations on their iPhone or in-car computer. Your species licences will also have a barcode that can be scanned, allowing the conservation officer to verify that your species licence is valid.


Will I need to carry a paper version of my resident hunting licence while hunting?


No. Starting in spring 2017, there won’t be a paper version of your resident hunting licence or other non-species licences. However, you must carry your species licence(s) with you at all times while hunting, and must cancel the licence by notching it as soon as you harvest an animal.


Do I need to carry an electronic version of my licences on a phone or mobile device?


No. The electronic-based hunting licences will be visible on your Fish and Wildlife profile, but you don’t need to have access to your profile while hunting. Conservation officers will be able to view your Fish and Wildlife profile on their mobile devices to check your credentials, licences and LEH authorizations.


Why do species licences have a paper component, when the other licences don’t?


Each species licence is good for one harvest only. By immediately notching the paper licence after harvesting an animal, you provide proof that you have used the licence for one harvest. The licence can’t be used again.


How does a species licence get cancelled in the system after an animal has been harvested?


The species licence will not be cancelled in the system. Hunters are required to notch the paper species licence to cancel it immediately following the harvest of an animal.


How can I prove that I bought a licence?


Your licences will be visible on your Fish and Wildlife profile. If you buy your licences at a vendor, Service BC or FrontCounter BC location, you’ll be given a receipt that will include each licence you bought, and the licence number. If you buy online, you can print or view your receipt at any time. You don’t need to carry this receipt when you’re hunting, but it’s proof that you have bought licences.


What are non-species licences?


Non-species licences include the resident hunting licence, special area hunting licences (Gulf Islands and Fraser Valley), initiation licence, and youth licence.


Can I print any of my hunting licences?


No. Licences won’t be printable in the new online system.


How will I get my species licence if I buy it online?


Starting in spring 2017, if you buy your species licence online, it will be mailed to you.


If I buy my species licences online, can I pick them up at my local vendor, or other location?


No. Starting in spring 2017, if you buy your species licences online, they will be mailed to you. If you want to hunt within a few days of buying your species licence, you should buy them at a vendor or at Service BC or FrontCounter BC.


If I buy a species licence at Service BC, FrontCounter BC, or a vendor, will I get it right away?




Will I be able to buy hunting licences for my children through the BC Hunting online service?




Will I still have to provide an acknowledgement of responsibility when I buy a licence for a child?


Yes, if you are buying a resident hunting licence or youth licence for a child. You don’t need to provide an acknowledgement of responsibility if you buy species licences on behalf of your child.


Are hunting licence fees going up?


No. There will be no change in licence fees in 2017/18.


What happens if I lose my species licence?

You can get a replacement licence at Service BC or FrontCounter BC.



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