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Do you need insurance for your Fraser Valley Special Area Licence?  


We are discussing how to “Protect yourself with the Silvercore Shooting Club” at todays Silvercore CORE course held at the JIBC. 


Every Silvercore Shooting Club membership now comes with $10 million in North America Wide Liability Insurance. Your Silvercore Membership now satisfies the requirements for Public Liability and Property Damage insurance for hunting in the Fraser Valley Special License Hunting Area (FVSLHA).


While no insurance policy can replace safe firearm handling practices, we understand that accidents happen. In the event that something goes wrong on a hunt or at the range, the Silvercore Gun Club has you covered for legal hunting or firearms related activities.  


This will protect our members in the event that they are liable for any damage to persons or property. This is not personal insurance, but will guard against lawsuits or costs incurred due to a mishap as a result of firearms related activities. 


Your membership includes: 


• Up to $10 million in General Liability Insurance to protect against third party claims

• $10,000 in Excess Personal Liability coverage

• $50,000 in Self Defence Coverage 

• $25,000 in Criminal Defence Reimbursement

• $2500 for Accidental Death and Dismemberment 

• $2500 in Identity Guard coverage

• $2500 in Credit Protection 

• Up to $1 million to guard against damage to rented or occupied premises





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